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The UK's Premier Rocketry Launch Event...
Why not come to watch, build or fly a Model Rocket, High Power Rocket or Boost glider?
Something for all ages, with rocket workshops for the beginner to full ground support staff and equipment to support the larger launches.

AGM 7 December 2014 at 9:30am
Please email Nominations for election to the committee to by Sunday 16 November 2014.
details of candidates standing will be posted on this site by Sunday 23 November 2014.
Voting will be done at the AGM. If you cannot make the AGM, please email the name of a proxy prior to 23 November to vote for you at the AGM.

23 November 2014
The following nominations have been received and in the absence of any objections, all will be elected by default:
Andy Hugh, Rod Stevenson, Ian Whittingham, Peter Barrett & Ben Jarvis


EARS manage a number of launches for media events. Here are a few of our recent favourites...

ARTE: German TV
  Missile for Peace
Video1 | Video2
 CBBC, Dick & Dom
BBC iPlayer


Welcome to the East Anglian Rocketry Society's website. Here you will find information about flying rockets in the UK. There is info on the Rocketry Society, the latest news about what we're up to, when we launch rockets, where we launch rockets from, some photographs from previous rocket launches and some technical articles written by our members. You can also contact us for more information about the Society.

We currently hold flying days on the first Sunday of the month from March to December, they generally start at around 10am and carry on until it gets either too dark, or too cold. Everyone is welcome to come along and fly with us, it doesn't matter what type of rocket you fly as we've had all sorts of different shapes and sizes with motors from ¼A to M impulse flown from the site.

Spectators are always welcome but please do take note of the information in our Disclaimer (pdf 83kb) and "Do's and Don'ts" (pdf 29kb). Also we do appreciate you letting us know if you are coming via our contact page.

Richard and his rocket

Carbon Eclipse

Gone Blitzing, a rocket at dusk

EARS is run by volunteers and the elections for the new Committee will be held in November. If you would like to put your name forward to help run the society then please drop an email to info @ ears dot org dot uk.

As our launches are on a farm on fairly exposed ground please remember to bring suitable clothing and footwear. Warm coats and waterproof boots are a good idea.

Please note that our launch event calendar will be updated after the EARS AGM.

IMPORTANT: SITE ACCESS! The entrance we use has had to change at the landowner's request. Please check out the Launch Site pages for further details

We hope to have some of the top UK rocketry vendors in attendance.

There will be the usual loo facilities available on site.

We will be promoting the UKRA Model Achievement Programme or MAP at all our launches this year. This is a certification scheme to encourage rocket flyers young and old to enhance their rocketry skills through gradually taking on more and more complex tasks. MAP starts off very easily and is a great way to get started. If you would like to find out more about MAP please take a look at the MAP pages on the UKRA website or perhaps download the MAP Handbook PDF document (33Kb).We now have MAP Certificates and Task Achievement stickers available at all EARS launches. Just ask one of the RSO's or EARS officials for more info.

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