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21/02/2004 -- RSO Discounts at EARS

In an attempt to encourage RSO's to spend a little more time RSOing and to help spread the load at EARS launches we have decided to try an experimental discount scheme.

To qualify for the discount you must spend at least one hour actively RSOing on the Model and / or HPR ranges. In return you will recieve a discount of 3 on your flying fee.

We hope that this will help encourage more people to help out with RSOing duties.

If you would like to claim your discount please report to one of the EARS committee members on site and we will sort things out for you.

We would like to emphasise that this is a trail and we reserve the right to stop it at any time if we feel that it isnt benefiting the society or its members. If it proves succesful we may extend the scheme to offer discounts to RSOs at our Big EARS event.

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