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25/12/2004 -- EARS AGM 2004 and New EARS Committee

After a brief count of the returned votes before the Dec AGM all of the EARS members who stood for election were duly elected to the EARS committee. After the AGM the new committee met briefly to allocate the executive positions for the 2005 Season. Following a short discussion it was decided that the current Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer/ Membership Secretary would continue in their roles...................

The members of the season 2005 EARS committee are :-
Chairman - Gary Sinclair,
Secretary - Mike Roberts,
Treasurer and Membership Secretary - Geraint Roberts,
Paul Britton,
Michael Clarke,
Mike Hoffman,
Steve Randall.

For a bit more background on the new committee check out the committee webpage


Gary Sinclair opened the meeting with the Chairmans Address. He said that EARS was doing well as a society with BigEARS continuing to grow. He felt that BigEARS will finally be "on the scene" when we get international flyers attending. The next season will see further improvements to the EARS infrastucture with the EARS container being moved to it's final resting place and the EARS Model Launch system being brought in to service. Paul Lavin had also contacted the Society to offer the use of the Deepsky Hypertek GSE. The annual EARS Fireworks extravaganza is growing in size and popularity and has proved a great hit with our host who would like to see the display become a bigger event. There have been ongoing issues with propellant through 2004. Gary hoped that 2005 would see CE marking sorted for Cesaroni, Aerotech and Congreve motors. Inclosing Gary said that he greatly enjoyed flying with EARS.

Mike Roberts presented the Secretary's report. The club was improving links with educational institutions with Leicster University running their rocket based final year project,which had been a great success last year, for the second year. There would be a call to arms for a working party to help paint the EARS container once it was moved. Any offers of green / camoflage paint would be greatly recieved. To follow up on the intorduction of rocketry to the ATC, as an activity, (thanks to the sterling work of Phil Charlesworth) he had approached the Stevenage squadron to see if there was any interest. There has been no response yet. EARS are finally the proud new owners of the ears.org.uk domain name and will be moving the site across to the new domain, on a new host with greatly improved features, over the next few months. Mike had attended a couple of events during the last year promoting UKRA and EARS to the public and had looked in to attending one of the major Airshows but the costs were prohibitively expensive.

Geraint Roberts presented a brief report on the clubs finances. The club had gone from a significant excess at the end of the last season to a balance of 989.68. Of this 500 was committed to pay our host for this years flying fees of which 100 was for rental for next year for the EARS container. There is also a committment of 275 for the crane hire to move the container and around 100 to pay for the hosting of the new ears.org.uk website. It had been the societies intention to reduce the balance in the bank and to spend the money on facilities for the club. This year has seen on site toilets at every event, the arrival of the EARS container, the new EZ-up Gazebo for the RSO tent and the building of the new EARS model launch system.

The meeting then moved on to agenda. The first item was EARS fees. When MR had been to see the farmer at the start of the year he had been asked consider increasing EARS fees for the 2005 season. This was to be discussed at the AGM. The general opinion of those present was that hopefully the additional 100 the farmer would now recieve for the use of the land to store the container would be enough to keep him happy. MR was to discuss this when he went to hand over this years monies. The next item was the date for the BigEARS launch event for 2005. A number of members had commented during the year and at the AGM that they felt the event would be better attended and have greater chance of having good weather if it moved to later in the year. The consensus was that July would be the favourite month as June would clash with UKRA 2005. MR would raise this with the farmer. It was also agreed that trying to arrange for an on-site food supply had proved to be less than successful at the last two BigEARS events. The problem being that event isnt big enough to provide enough customers for it to be profitable for the food vendors. It was agreed that other alternatives would be examined including, possibly, a "bring your own BBQ". A suggestion was made that, to help with the running of the event and getting more volunteers, the RSO discount be extended to helpers manning tasks like registration or stewarding.

The meeting was then opened to AOB. The first item of AOB was to ask if the members felt anything could be doen to improve the "launch day experience". There were comments that some felt that launches had become a little over-organised and officious. It was agreed that it would be sensible to spend less time sign posting the site on the day. Reducing the signs to only those at the entrances to the site an on the site. There is a map on the website which should enable newcomers to find their way to the entrances with little difficulty. It was also requested that parking areas and areas for vendors to set up be better identified. It was agreed that more effort would be put in to marking out parking and vendor areas prior to flyers / visitors arriving. The society had been offered a quantity of hardcore which might be used to improve the access to the fields. It was agreed that this should be raised with the farmer as improved site access would be most welcome. The committee were finally asked if it would be possible to fly from the site on days other than the standard launch dates. It was pointed out that there could be some logistical issues, locals knowing when it was safe to walk dogs, issuing of NOTAMS and permission from the farmer but that these were not insurmountable and that the committee would look in to it.

The meeting was closed and all moved to the restaurant for the end of season curry.

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