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27/02/2005 -- Welcome to EARS 2005 - A message from our Chairman..

Dear Members,

Welcome to EARS 2005!

I am very pleased to once again be of service to you as Chairman of EARS.
On behalf of the entire committee I would like to welcome you to another year of rocketry fun. As a club we continue to build on our ability to offer launch and support facilities for events. 2005 will see .....

The on-site container is ready to be placed into its 'permanent' position and when completed will make the administration of events much easier for all.
The model launch multi-pad will be ready for our first launch in March. Again this will make the setup of the model launch area very easy and provide capabilities for 'drag races' and general quicker launch throughput. By offering a 'show up and launch' capability we make EARS launches a more attractive option for a Sunday afternoon.
Last season we purchased (through your membership fees) a new 'easy-up' RSO tent. The old tent took ages to setup and take down. The 'Easy-up' make this .. well .. easy.

This year we hope to continue our relationship with the Universities (Leicester and Cranfield) in offering the best launch facilities in the area (with onsite expertise from our very knowledgeable membership).

Hybrid support is a hot topic and we on the committee will be discussing how to support those of you wishing to launch on hybrid propellant but don't have the expensive ground support equipment.

Our relationship with the UK rocketry vendors continues to be good with the mutual benefit of drawing people to the events to buy and then to see what a great site we have.

BIG EARS is now firmly on the UK rocketry calendar and people are already planning those big projects for the first weekend in May.

As always we will be launching from the 1st Sunday of every month starting with our March 6th launch.

Finally, we have secured a new home and service provider for our website at 'www.ears.org.uk'. The new site will enable us to offer a vastly improved web presence for members including lots more images and video's of EARS launches.

So, start building those rockets now to get ready for March and I will see you there.

Best wishes for the new flying year,

Gary Sinclair

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