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05/05/2005 -- BMFA Space Nationals 2005

EARS have been contacted by Geoff Seabrook with news about this years BMFA annual national space modelling / rockerty competition, The BMFA Space Nationals 2005. For more news on the event read on...

Geoff Seabrook writes...

"The BMFA space modelling championships have been held for 5 years at various sites around the UK normally combined with a round of the FAI World Cup (the Canterbury Cup). This year SpaceCom has decided to separate the FAI classes and combining the UK nationals with UKRA at Heckington on June 11th and 12th. We hope to greatly increase the number of competitors by making the classes more accessible to all club flyers.

Only UK certified motors may be used, classes such as streamer and helicopter are open design, and a D altitude class has been added.

The full list of classes to be flown is as follows:

For more info please have a look at the brochure Geoff sent in here UK Space Nationals 2005 Brochure .pdf file 187kB.

I you would like to know more then Geoff would love to hear from you. Please email him at geoff.seabrook at btconnect.com

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