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23/06/2005 -- EARS July 3rd Launch update

Our next launch is the first Sunday in July, the 3rd. We hope you will join us for what should be another excellent days rocket flying.

We have some important news about this launch and where it may take place........

The Latest News is that we are awaiting a decision from our host as to whether or not we can fly at Elsworth. The crops are getting close to that critical dry stage and we are dependent of the weather and how they progress over the next few days. We will have confirmation on Tuesday 28th June as to whether or not we can go ahead. In the event that we can fly we have a 10,000 foot NOTAM in place.

However should the decision be that we cannot fly at Elsworth it wont mean the event will be totally lost!

We hope to have a new backup site available. We are awaiting final confirmation on the availability of the site and confirmation that the site owners are happy for us to use it. The site is smaller than Elsworth and is a bit further east. It is to the east of Bury St Edmunds and is easily accessible from the A14. In view of the smaller size of the site and it's proximity to the A14 we will only have a 3,000 Ceiling, the NOTAM is in place, and we will have to limit flyers to H motors. We would also like to ask that, for our first visit to the new site, flyers dont push the ceiling as we want to make a good impression. The usual EARS facilities; RSO tent, Porta-loo, PA system, Model Launch controller system will be available.

Soooo it is time to break out all your BP Modrocs, Oddrocs and clusters, give them a dust off and get them in to the air again.

We will have directions to the new launch site up on the website as soon as we have the OK from the owners.

In the event that Elsworth is available for July it will almost certainly not be available for August and we hope that you will join us ay our newsite for the August launch.

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