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28/06/2005 -- First Time Inexperienced Flyers at EARS Fly for free!

We have just found out that as a result of our recent formal Affiliation with UKRA we are now able to allow first time visitors, with no previous rocketry experience, to EARS to fly their rockets without having to take out temporary UKRA membership.....

As EARS are a UKRA club, and fly under UKRA's Safety Code, we require that all flyers at our events have third party liability insurance. This has meant, in the past, that people had to: be a member of UKRA, be a member of the BMFA or take out temporary UKRA membership at a cost of ten pounds in order to be able to fly their own rockets at one of our launches. All of these option provide third party liablity insurance through the BMFA's insurance scheme.

The purpose of the First Time Inexperienced Flyer offer is to encourage people to try out rocketry without having go to pay a lot of money up front. The ten pound insurance fee has often put off first time visitors. We are now able to allow first time visitors to the club to fly rockets, under the watchful eye of one of our experienced members, without having to take out temporary UKRA membership. There are a few conditions which are :-

  1. You must have no previous rocket flying experience.

  2. Your rocket preparations and flight must be supervised by a nominated EARS member.

  3. The period of free cover is limited to 3 days.

If the rocketry bug bites you, and we hope it will, then you will have to take out some form of insurance, as listed above, for any further visits to fly with us.

We at EARS very much hope that this will encourage more folks to come and try out rocketry

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