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17/10/2005 -- November EARS Launch and Fireworks Spectacular

November the 5th is rapidly approaching and with it the November EARS launch followed by the traditional post flying Fireworks. November EARS is on Sunday the 6th at our Elsworth site.

If you are planning on coming and haven't been to the fireworks before please do bring something of a pyro, explody, whooshy nature with you. The whole display is based on donations from those attending. With it being 400 years since Guido Fawkes tried to blow up the house of Parliament on the 5th November 1605 we would like to do our best to celebrate the event in the most appropriate manner. For more info on the 400th Anniversary read here.

IMPORTANT! Please no small fireworks, no little selection boxes, only BIG STUFF! ;0) Please try to be there in good time if you are donating so we can add your donations to the display. The fireworks will kick off some time after dusk. We cant give an exact time due to nature of the event.

Please bring a torch!!!

Warm weatherproof clothes. The event will go ahead unless the weather is really really bad. It does get chilly when the sun sets. Sturdy / waterproof footware is a good idea too.

Please NO PETS!!

On the flying side we now have some interesting flights planned, weather permitting, including an "L" and, hopefully, some exciting new stuff in the Hybrid vein from Uncle Bob.

Vendors we hope to see include Rocket and Things, Uncle Bob's Rocket Shop. and Apo11o Model Rocketry.

We have had a few folks asking if they could come down on Saturday night and camp over. The answer is YES although we would like to ask that you drop us an email to info at ears.org.uk to let us know you are coming. Also, if you can spare it, a nominal 1 pound per head donation for campers would be appreciated.

Look forward to seeing you on the 6th. Or maybe even the 5th!

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