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06/09/2006 -- I declare this stair case open....

With the wind gusting to 33mph and averaging a blustery 26mph the launch on Sunday 2nd September didnt see any actual launching but...

... with the few keen souls who did turn up an impromptu working party was formed and we set to on the container. With help from Michael Jennings of Rockets and Things and cordless drills from Richard Brown from the Rocket Store and Ray Wilkinson from Hertfordshire University we managed to get quite a lot of constructive work done. Thanks to Ray and his handy cone cutter we finally managed to fix the metalwork to secure the window shutters. This will greatly help prevent unwanted access to the container. Meanwhile Michael, Treasurer Paul Britton and Chair Mike Clarke set to building with the big boys mecanno / scaffold and clamps we had stashed in the container. After several hours and a trip to B&Q for a hacksaw or two to trim the poles to length we had a rather splendid staircase built up to the recently constructed platform by the side door. Here you can see a picture of our illustrious chairman performing the opening ceremony by cutting the masking tape with the symbolic hacksaw.

Mike Clarke declares the EARS container staircase open

Click the image for a larger picture.

To see the full size image click here

Special thanks to everyone who turned out and helped on Sunday. With an extra special mention to Kit Rose for his generous and frequent offers to lift "heavy things" for us despite his small stature and also for helping to sweep out the container.

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