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February 2004

This is the archive log for the month of February 2004.

RSO Discounts at EARS

In an attempt to encourage RSO's to spend a little more time RSOing and to help spread the load at EARS launches we have decided to try an experimental discount scheme.

To qualify for the discount you must spend at least one hour actively RSOing on the Model and / or HPR ranges. In return you will recieve a discount of 3 on your flying fee.

  • For EARS HPR and Model members this effectively means you fly free.

  • For EARS Family members you will fly for 2 instead of the usual 5.

  • For visiting RSOs this means you will fly HPR for 5 instead of the usual 8 or fly Models for 1 instead of the usual 4.

We hope that this will help encourage more people to help out with RSOing duties.

If you would like to claim your discount please report to one of the EARS committee members on site and we will sort things out for you.

We would like to emphasise that this is a trail and we reserve the right to stop it at any time if we feel that it isnt benefiting the society or its members.

posted on Sat, 02.21.04 @ 01:34 AM GMT [link]

2004 Membership Fees Announced

EARS has revised their membership fees for the 2004 flying season and has decided to make a small reduction to the Adult HPR, Junior HPR and Model member fees and to revise the Family and Parent/Child Fees.

The new fees are :-

  • Adult HPR 18

  • Junior HPR 18

  • Model 13

The Associate member fee remains unchanged at 5.

We felt that there was no real difference between the Family and Parent and Child memberships so we have rolled them up in to one. The new Family membership will cover one adult, their partner and all their children under 16. All for the princely sum of 35.

So get your cheque books out and sign up today! New membership forms can be found HERE !

For those of you who have been keen enough to have already sent off your renewals .... we know who you are and will discount your flying fee at your first EARS event of the year.

You will also find an extra page on the new membership form. This is to Opt In to having your contact details included in the new Members Directory we will be setting up in the Members Only Area. Please do take the time to have a look at this form and fill it in if you are happy to have your details included in the Members Directory. You can choose which details you would like to have included. More details can be found on the form.

posted on Sat, 02.21.04 @ 01:03 AM GMT [link]

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