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July 2005

This is the archive log for the month of July 2005.

Rebel Rocketry Announce CE MArking of Pro-XX Motors Imminent!!!

Today Peter Muller of Rebel Rocketry made the following announcement on the Usenet Newsgroup uk.tech.rocketry..................

posted on Fri, 01.07.05 @ 09:45 PM GMT [more..]

Important Announcement from UKRA

Today, 1st July, there has been a very important announcement from UKRA on the work that has been going on behind the scenes with the HSE on the new MSER regulations. These cover the storage of rocket motors. Also there is news on the issues of CE marking, pyro hybrid ignition and the preperation of ejection charges. All of which are of interest to ALL rocket flyers in the UK.

Please take a moment to read the two pdf documents on the UKRA site :-

(right click on the linkk and "Save As...")

EARS consider these two documents to be mandatory reading for all society members.

posted on Fri,01. 07.05 @ 09:37 PM GMT [link]

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